uCloudLink: Infinite Business Opportunities With New Telecom Technology

Infinite Business Opportunities With New Telecom Technology



20th MAY 2021 | 12PM (BST)

About the Webinar

The 5G era is characterised as the age of boundless connectivity. GlocalMe, an innovative global mobile data service provider has successfully implemented the world’s first SIM-free and roaming-free inter-carrier 5G network access. The technology is 5G ready to help partners to optimize the opportunity presented by this new innovation.

In this session, our expert panellists will be discussing:

• The growth and outlook of hotspot market during the Covid-19 pandemic.
• How to stay seamlessly connected thanks to Cloud SIM technology
• Learn how to access mobile internet data more efficiently
• Enable best user-experience through various online services requiring stable and high-speed data connection
• Explore the world’s first SIM-free and roaming-free inter-carrier 5G network access
• And how can all sectors of trade optimize the opportunity presented by this new innovation.

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Jiayin SUN

Country Manager France
uCloudlink Group Inc

James Bourne

Editor in Chief
TechForge Media

Philippe Bessaguet


Shun(Sean) Zhang

Head of Key Account
uCloudlink Group (UK) co Ltd

Speaker Profiles

Jiayin SUN is the Country Manager France responsible for GlocalMe EMEA B2B and B2C business. As a telecom expert, she introduced Cloud SIM technology to France and developed a growing niche market of overseas prospects with great success thanks to her solid professional experience and superb industrial knowledge. She manages numerous projects related to telecommunication, global distributions, enterprise network solutions and tourism industry. With the innovative Cloud SIM technology, she helps business partners optimize the business travel network connections and economize the bankroll management for companies to facilitate the individual network connections on overseas tourism.

Sean is the Head of Key Account for uCloudlink in EU region. With the innovative CloudSim technology, he helps break through the MNO, MVNO with new idea of data management and cost control. As top performing salesperson, his 14 years’ professional experience in telecommunication market help business partners to save data cost by 40% and to increase annual revenue by 25% up to millions of euro. Apart from that he also helps expand business opportunities and provide optimal end-to-end solutions tailored for clients’ unique need.

James is a renowned technology journalist and raconteur. In his role as editor in chief of TechForge Media, he oversees content creation across a series of nine technology and business publications. James was named as one of the top 20 UK technology influencers by Tyto, 2019.

Philippe is the CEO of iQsim which he co-founded in 2009 with the idea of using Virtual-SIM Technology for Mobile Communications. iQsim provide solutions for IOT, Mobile Communications such as voice and SMS, and for Mobile testing. Prior to this, he co-founded QuesCom in 1998 which was acquired by iQsim in 2012. Philippe also worked in management positions for Nortel and Alcatel where he started his career as a Telecommunication engineer in 1986.