The Role of Cybersecurity in Safety for the Manufacturing Industry

The Role of Cybersecurity in Safety for the Manufacturing Industry



23RD JUNE 2021 | 12PM (ET)

About the Webinar

Increasingly sophisticated and hostile adversaries, including ransomware criminal organizations and nation states, are launching cyberattacks today against operations targets to extort money and to perform sabotage of manufacturing facilities. Effectively countering these pervasive threats is especially important in chemical, pharmaceutical and food and beverage manufacturing organizations because of safety concerns. For chemical manufacturing, safety of personal is a must, while pharmaceutical and food manufacturers require strict measures to ensure consumer safety.

In this webinar, leaders in OT cybersecurity provide an in-depth discussion of specific needs for these industries. We will cover:

• The threat landscape for industrial / OT automation and its requirements for safety
• Differences in cybersecurity requirements between IT and OT systems
• Recommendations to protect MES systems, STS, ICS/OT networks, and cloud connectivity
• Perimeter protection for networks with safety considerations

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Dr. Jesus Molina

Director of Industrial IOT
Waterfall Security Solutions

Speaker Profiles

Dr. Jesus Molina is Waterfall’s Director of Industrial IoT. He is a security expert with years of experience in both OT and IT security, with a focus in manufacturing and critical infrastructure. A former hacker, his early research on offensive security for building automation has been echoed by many publications, including Wired and The Register. He also co-authored the Industrial Internet Security framework, regarded as one of the most comprehensive studies on securing connected operational systems. Mr. Molina holds several security-related patents and has published many research articles on diverse topics including intrusion detection, building security infrastructure, cloud security and IIoT security. He also co-organized the IoT Sandbox at the RSA conference, displaying real time hacks on everyday IoT items. Jesus holds a M.S. and a Ph.D from the University of Maryland.

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James is a renowned technology journalist and raconteur. In his role as editor in chief of TechForge Media, he oversees content creation across a series of nine technology and business publications. James was named as one of the top 20 UK technology influencers by Tyto, 2019

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