How a Global Pandemic Accelerated Cloud Adoption Across Every Industry



5th AUGUST 2021 | 11AM PDT

About the Webinar

Retailers have become ecommerce first; banks are now mobile first. Doctors are conducting appointments via video link, even events are taking place virtually.   Now, as we approach a post-pandemic economy, most organisations are accelerating their digital transformation to implement new business models that provide touchless services with zero physical contact. At the same time, many of these organizations are struggling with fewer resources and slashed budgets.    In this webinar we’ll look at how cloud adoption has been fast forwarded, as organisations have searched for simple and speedy ways to launch new business critical applications.       

Our expert panellists will be discussing:

• The ways in which Cloud adoption has transformed business operations, and the new opportunities it presents.
• Creating the perfect storm – What are the key steps and considerations you need to follow for successful cloud implementation and roll out.
• Exploring the key challenges of cloud implementation and adoption, and strategies for overcoming them.
• Strategies for selecting the right technology – Assessing the needs of your internal applications, maximizing value and determining the total cost of ownership.

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