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18 MAY 2021

Why Attend

Over the last decade, the pace of change and innovation in the manufacturing sector has hit hyperdrive, as businesses of all types seek to modernize their industrial processes and accelerate digital transformation. Across factory and plant floors, supply chains, and integrated networks, terms like industry 4.0, smart supply chain and IoT have shifted from marketing buzzwords to operational essentials. A truly connected industry is here. 

IoT Manufacturing Congress North America, 18 May 2021 (MST), will shine a spotlight on the real use cases and cutting edge solutions that are revolutionising production and operational efficiency in industry. Join a peer group of CTOs, innovation directors, and supply chain leads at this free event, and hear about the latest in IT/OT convergence, security in the connected ecosystem, and advanced automation.

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10:00-10:20 (MST)

Panel: Defending Against Security Threats in the Internet of Everything Age

IIot applications in manufacturing are boundless. The added connectivity can boost workflow efficiency, data collection, and enhance automation. But as the number of interconnected devices rises, so too does the number of security loopholes. 

This session will discuss how to tackle IoT security threats, through early detection, constant monitoring, and utilising cutting edge software solutions. 


Senior Representative, Armis

10:20-11:05 (MST)

Panel: Driving Industrial Transformation With IT/OT Convergence

IT/OT convergence is happening faster and at a greater scale than ever before. Once upon a time they were very separate entities in manufacturing operations. But, with the increasing role that IoT plays in automating processes using connected devices, information technology and operational technology are fast becoming one.

Convergence isn’t just about the cutting edge innovations that are revolutionising industry, it’s also about new ways of thinking. Enterprises have to recognise the need for convergence, to truly take advantage of the wealth of benefits that IoT presents in industry. This panel will discuss how to ensure a cultural buy-in, and the opportunities and challenges it presents.

Robert Stucky, Engineering Manager, Solar Turbines 
Paul Stafford, Engineering Manager – New Technology & Manufacturing Innovation, Toyota North America 

11:05-11:25 (MST)

Keynote: Digital Transformation – Shifting the Center of Gravity to Data

This session will explore:

-Applications to Platform Approach
-Capability not Functionality
-Changing the questions we ask help us become more data driven
-Connected Internally & Externally using an Ecosystem Approach

Viren Shah, Chief Digital Officer, GE Appliances 

11:25 – 12:10 (MST)

Panel: Industry 4.0 and the Future of Manufacturing

How far has IoT in manufacturing come, and how far does it have to go?

With a myriad of new technology like edge computing and 5G, IoT tracking sensors, and predictive maintenance shaping the way enterprises manage and run their manufacturing operations, how can IoT leaders cut through the noise and choose the right solutions to optimise production? 

Industry leaders will discuss the new technologies and innovations paving the way for plant and factory floors, smart supply chains, and advanced robotics to supercharge growth and efficiency in manufacturing.  

Jordan Pernikoff, Snr. Product Manager, IoT/Digital Transformation, Bayer

12:10-12:30 (MST)

Fireside Chat: Digital transformation and traceability in the food & beverage sector 

Digital technologies were adopted slowly by players in the food and beverages sector, but will play a key role in the food and beverage sector transformation: 1) from enabling better understanding of what consumers need and are looking for to 2) producing this in a more sustainable way with less waste and 3) to delivering this where and when the consumers want this.

Digitalization also will catalyse the transformation of the innovation process in F&B: from mainly manual ways of working to data driven product development unlocking customized innovations as well as the ability to better connect consumers to products they want and need.

Finally digital technologies will unlock traceability and in this way enable more transparency as well as more effective management of food safety and quality incidents.

In order to bring the potential of digital technologies in F&B to life the focus must be on 1) quality data mnt; 2) cross functional systems 3) culture and change mnt.

Ellen de Brabander, SVP R&D, Pepsico 

12:30-13:00 (MST)

Keynote: The Business Case for a Smart Supply Chain

In recent years there’s been a smart revolution in the manufacturing sector, but what about the rest of the supply chain? The benefits of implementing industry 4.0 across factory floors are going to be limited unless there is major technological adoption and uptake across the supply chain.

Hear how enterprises can look to integrate their systems and supply chains, coordinate with third parties using increased connectivity, and monitor inventory conditions with AI and ML to stay ahead of the game. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

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